Nanjing Normal University Press was founded in April, 1995, started and sponsored by Nanjing Normal University, a well-known university with a history of over one hundred years. The press, with education as its feature, has always been adhering to the principle of providing assistance and support in college teaching and academic research, serving for the cultural and educational undertakings, as well as for the best interests of teachers and students at all levels since its foundation. With influential brands and distinctive characteristics in educational books, the press mainly publishes books in four areas: Pre-School Education, Elementary Education, Higher Education, Humanities and Social Science. The press also develops, edits and publishes academic books with great value, textbooks and humanistic books, and it publishes over 500 books and meanwhile reprints over 400 books every year on average. Over one hundred books published by the press have won great acclaim and acknowledgement and have obtained nearly 200 different awards at all levels, such as “Chinese Best Publications (books) Award” and “One Hundred Excellent Books Recommended to National Teenagers by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television”. More than 40 publishing projects are selected as key publishing projects of Jiangsu Province and the nation.

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